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Waterfowl Hunts in Manitoba

McCreary, Manitoba lies in one of Canada’s largest travel corridors for waterfowl. This travel corridor enables us to put our hunters right in the middle of the most active duck and goose hunting in North America. It is not uncommon to see thousands birds in a given day.

The types of waterfowl that you will be hunting range from Canada’s, Snows, Speckled Belly and Blue geese, and lets not forget the Northern Mallard ducks.

You will be hunting in the farmland region of McCreary, Manitoba. Decoys and blinds will be setup to ensure the best possible hunting conditions so that all hunters will be able to fill there bag limit.

Bring lots of bullets!!!!

Rates for all Manitoba Waterfowl Hunts
$ 300 US Dollars per person per day

This includes 5% GST tax.

Hunt includes:

  • Hunting guide 
  • Decoys and blinds
  • All local transportation

What’s not included: 

  • Meals & accommodations 
  • Cost of Hunting License
  • Foreign resident Game Bird Licence $170.75 Canadian Dollars 
  • Canada Migratory Game Bird Hunting Permit and Wildlife Habitat Conservation Stamp $17.85 Canadian Dollars

Equipment you should have:

  • Firearm with extra bullets
  • Binoculars or other optics
  • Warm hunting clothes
  • Insulated hunting boots
  • Insulated hunting gloves
  • Small backpack 
  • Flashlight and spare batteries
  • Camera
  • Hunting knife

Our Weather

Opening Hunting Season Dates

Spring Black Bear – Archery or Firearm
April 24, 2023
April 29, 2024
April 28, 2025

Fall Black Bear – Archery or Firearm
August 15, 2023
August 15, 2024
August 15, 2025

White-tailed Deer
August 28, 2023
August 26, 2024
August 25, 2025

October 23, 2023
October 21, 2024
October 20, 2025

November 13, 2023
November 11, 2024
November 10, 2025

September 24, 2023
September 24, 2024
September 24, 2025